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Customs Brokerage

Expertise, forethought and planning for your shipments.       

Shipping commercial goods to and from Canada may entail complicated customs requirements and regulations. It is crucial to have a knowledgeable Customs Broker to guide you through these processes. As a Licensed Canadian Customs Broker, we can help co-ordinate your imports and exports in a streamlined and cost effective manner.



Customs Clearance

We are equipped with OGD (Other Government Department) ready EDI systems that can clear shipments coming through all ports in Canada. Our EDI system allows faster turnaround times than conventional paper entries, and is able to submit information to CFIA, NRCan, TransCan, and other government departments (see full list of OGD’s here). Our knowledgeable CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) will help you become compliant with labeling requirements, permit requirements, duty deferrals & refunds, and other complex provisions prior to your imports for smooth customs clearance.

Container Warehousing

Once your shipment has cleared customs and duties paid, you will want a secure facility to warehouse your goods for sale or distribution. Our Container Storage System is ideal for import storage for its high efficiency and security.  Our system saves trans-loading costs & risks, prevents misplacement of goods, and protection from tampering of goods with the use of seals/locks. Our secure container yard boasts 24 hour surveillance cameras, canine patrol,  police linked security systems, and locked gates during off business hours.  For further protection from unauthorized entry, long-term storage containers are stacked above ground level using our Container Handler. 


When your goods are ready for distribution, we can deconsolidate, pack and palletize them for delivery. Our network of agents and partners makes it easy to distribute your goods to all major destinations in Canada. Co-ordinate with us for multiple simultaneous deliveries and scheduled deliveries.