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Container Storage

container storageThe most efficient storage solutions.                             

Sometimes, you need a complete moving & storage service.  Whether your closing dates don’t line up properly, or you’ve sold your home but haven’t quite yet found your next place of residence. Maybe you’re renovating your home and need to temporarily store your goods.  For whatever reasons, you’ll want to have your goods handled professionally and store your goods in a safe and secure location. Our Container Storage System offers convenience, efficiency and security at a competitive rate.


Preventing damage.

Our experienced moving specialists will professionally package your goods prior to loading the container for storage.  This will ensure the integrity of your goods throughout the storage period. Once the container is loaded and sealed, it is no longer manually handled until you are ready to take delivery. We utilize specialized equipment to eliminate the added loading & unloading process of a traditional storage move. In so doing, we significantly reduce the chances of damage caused by human error.

Keeping your goods safe.

Once we finish loading the container, you have the option to affix a unique seal or your own padlock to the container.  This prevents any unauthorized entry into your container.  Your container is then stored at our secure container yard.  Our yard boasts 24 hour surveillance cameras, canine patrol,  police linked security systems, and locked gates outside of business hours.  For further protection from unauthorized entry, long-term storage containers are stacked above ground level using our Container Handler.

Complete destination service.

When you are ready take delivery of your stored goods, we can arrange to deliver your goods anywhere.  When taking receipt within the GTA and its surrounding areas, we will bring the same container that was used to load directly to your place of residence with seal or padlock intact. Our moving specialists will carefully unload your goods, and provide our Simple Unpacking, Setting, Assembly Service and remove any packing debris on the same day. Also available is our Full Unpacking, Setting, Assembly Service for those who are too busy to unpack boxes.